This class introduces some new skills in preparation for:


Beginner Jelly fish class. Swim distance 3 yards to 6 yard.


Your child is beginning to enjoy the water with some swim skills independence.


Our Jellyfish  They can enter and exit the water safely, gradually learning to swim short distances on their own. Bubbles, kicking, arms and introduce rhythmic breathing and activities with the hoop-mat make independent swimming fun. Repetition with small progressions advances swimming skills.


Children move from Beginner jelly fish to Intermedia Jelly fish when they have achieved certain swim skills. Your teacher will tell you when your child is ready.


Intermedia Jelly fish. Swim Distance 6 yards to 12 yards


KIckboard, noodles and floats are used to improve alignment and style!. They start their own swimming by taking a breath, putting their face in the water, exhaling and kicking. We introduce big pizza arms and rainbow arms. They love to wear their goggles and dive.


Supper Jelly fish. Swim distance 12 yards to 25 yards


Love to swim! As soon as they gain the arm strength to lift their head to breathe, they are able to swim at least 12 yards to 25 yards, and often much further. All children learn to swim basic freestyle, back crawl, Dolphin and breaststroke. Skills.




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Saturdays are all about #Smiles and #SwimKids! ✨💙

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Estamos de Cumple! Celebrating our beautiful Majo ✨🎈🎂 Happy Birthday Teacher @dulcettentacion! May we get to continue witnessing more and more of your magic with each coming year. We love ... See more

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Last day of summer camp at University-Of-Miami with the Mini Canes! We wish all of you a good school year! We had to much fun swimming! 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️

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